What makes me tick?

There are many things we endure in life, some bad, some good; things we can’t stop thinking about and things we struggle to forget. We can’t change the past, we can only use it to our advantage, channel it into something good that can benefit us and create a better future.

I like many others have walked through the fiery gates of hell to get to where I am today; not saying I went far, but it was a long journey. IĀ  channel my emotions into my art, I have experimented with different kinds of art and watched myself progress.I look back on my art and see how beginner I was, and how it may not be perfect now but the amazing difference in the work. I use to my emotions to create still images through digital art, where it be photography, or design on photoshop or it may even be picking up a pencil and sketching something as simple as a line to a portrait of a person who stole my heart with their kind heart and good soul.

When I heard about the ability to become a digital intern, to share my experience, to be able to enhance my skills, it intrigued me. I am able to put what skills I have to use and show the world what I am made of!!

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